The Mindful Cycle 

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"Usually I feel awkward or uncomfortable when talking about menstrual cycles, but you made it feel like it was normal and I felt comfortable within a few minutes and I think that's important "- TY student Scoil Chriost Ri 

Do you explicitly teach about the menstrual cycle as part of the curriculum? Is menstrual education something that you would like to see addressed in depth in your school? 

In a survey by Plan International Ireland 61% of girls aged 12-19 said they missed school due to their period. This is not OK. Something has to change to give these young people knowledge and sustainable skills to live in harmony with their cycle. 

From my preliminary research findings, 100% of 16-22 year olds said that they did not receive adequate education about periods at school. 100% of parents agreed. 66% of teachers said that they did not feel confident teaching about the topic.

The Mindful Cycle is a holistic, human and practical approach to menstrual literacy education, created and delivered by a qualified teacher, registered with the teaching council and professional menstrual cycle coach and facilitator.

It promotes awareness of periods as a sign of health, an acceptance of the menstrual cycle as a whole,  encourages menstruators to live in tune with their cyclical nature through the development of self-compassion and fosters a sense of compassion and understanding among non-menstruators for those with a cycle. It is a sustainable lifestyle approach.

Packages for Schools 


"A very safe and welcome environment where students felt happy to share experiences and ask questions. Very much delivered at the students level and hugely informative."- Coordinator TY

I come to your school and teach about the menstrual cycle through the lens of mindfulness, fostering the skills of awareness, acceptance and compassion. Equip your students with holistic habits and self-care skills for life! 

The Mindful Cycle can be delivered to menstruators and non-menstruators. This will help to end the stigma and shame that still surrounds periods and the menstrual cycle. Talks available on request. 

For secondary school

The Mindful Cycle Workshop

What's included? 

Pricing starts at €429 for a workshop with up to 30 students per session. Discounted rates apply for full day visits and consecutive days booked

For more information on pricing for your specific needs please get in touch. 

Civil service travel and subsistence rates may apply

*The Mindful Cycle for Primary School pupils. 

"Paula is a lovely pleasant lady. lovely room and cosy, comfortable atmosphere to facilitate the delivery of a sensitive topic. It was great for the girls to have the opportunity to hear a professional talk about this important topic. Thanks to Paula for facilitating this talk." - Primary School Principal 

Why not form a cluster of schools and spread the cost? 

introductory workshop 

Topics covered include: 

*Primary school curriculum links can be mapped to S.P.H.E (myself, self-identity, taking care of my body and growing and changing), Science(human life processes) and Maths (counting, noticing patterns)

Delivery of the programme is based on a class of approx. 30 students. Pricing starts at €429.

Civil service travel and subsistence rates may apply

Menstrual education consultancy, The Mindful Cycle Representative training and CPD packages available too for teachers and SNA's . 

Contact me for details. 

Training and staff support 

These sessions involve mindful practice and are to inform staff members about the menstrual cycle so that they can understand and support their students better. 

You can avail of The Mindful Cycle CPD and training sessions for your school by contacting me. 

Student Testimonials

I think it was an amazing experience and the information and knowledge I gained will be with me for life. I think Paula is an incredible woman and she is making a big difference to young people also she was extremely kind, patient, forthcoming and understanding. I would 100% recommend to people to learn more about themselves and their cycle and also recommend this workshop. 

The workshop was extremely informative and I gained a lot of information that I wished we had been taught at a younger age. Thank you for your work in removing the stigma around periods and keep up the great work! 

I loved this experience, Paula was lovely and made me feel comfortable talking and asking questions! This experience was great and I'd recommend it to anyone 

-TY Students, Scoil Chríost Rí

I learned useful information today and feel more confident and safer in case I have any problems myself 

Thank you for this workshop, I found it interesting and very helpful! 

This workshop was fun and interesting 

Everything was useful information, despite the fact that I knew quite a bit of it. Learning about the products was good too.

-TY Students, Our Lady's Grove

Client Testimonials

I attended the Mindful Cycle workshop with Paula. Paula's knowledge and openness, matched with her warm presence and understanding, made it so easy, enjoyable and very worthwhile. I was so impressed by Paula's depth of knowledge, I only wish I had access to this information earlier in my life. It was also great to have the opportunity to reflect on my experience of my own cycle throughout the workshop. Paula's holistic approach and awareness made is a lovely safe space to learn, reflect and relax with no pressure

- Niamh, Primary School Teacher 

Fantastic delivery of course, wish I knew the information when I was younger, tracking periods, the different seasons and emotions you through, Paula is warm and friendly. You can hear the passion and care she has for this. Definitely highly recommend.

- Annette, SNA

So delighted I signed up, wish I had this information like this when I started my period or when I was trying to conceive, Thank you Paula, could listen to you all night

- Primary Teacher 

I enjoyed the whole thing. The phases, what is normal, what is a possible red flag, had never heard of seasons before, very interesting perspective to take.

- Secondary Teacher