Menstrual awareness at work 

We look forward to welcoming Paula back to Cara-Phort FRC in the future. Paula had a lovely, warm and empathic approach which complimented the ethos of Cara-Phort FRC.  - Anne, Acting Centre Coordinator 

My diverse client base includes Focus Ireland, IBEC, Irish Association of Speech & Language Therapists (IASLT), POD Events, Maldron Hotel Portlaoise in conjunction with The Marie Keating Foundation, Cara-Phort Family resource centre. 

Around 50% of Ireland’s population are female and will get periods. These people will menstruate from the age of 12-50 approximately. The other 50% of the population will indirectly experience the menstrual cycle through their relationships with friends, family, colleagues and peers. Periods affect all of us. But embarrassment around the topic and a lack of access to accurate information persists. 

Menstrual wellness awareness is important in the community and in the workplace. Planning your workplace wellness week? Get in touch! 

I can help you to create a more inclusive and supportive environment by opening up the conversation about periods and the menstrual cycle.

Workplace Packages 

I am available for talks, workshops, training and can be booked as a guest speaker for events. 

The Mindful Cycle - a holistic approach to understanding menstrual wellness

In this talk you will develop an awareness of the menstrual cycle, the phases of the menstrual cycle, the hormonal, energetic and emotional fluctuations throughout the month, how to tune into your own, unique cycle, if you have one, and design self-care for yourself throughout the month. 

The Mindful Cycle approach to PMS- Practice More Self-care

In this talk you will develop an awareness of how our lifestyles impact PMS how to tune into your own, unique cycle and design self-care for yourself to manage PMS more effectively. 

For more information get in touch.

Corporate package pricing may vary based on the number of participants, location and the package chosen so please contact me for more details. 


The day was practical and informative within a safe supportive space. Paula has a kind and gentle manner and very approachable for asking questions. The self-care day has given me hope and practical strategies for a different approach to work. I would definitely recommend this to others.

 - IASLT Self-care Day attendee  

Fantastic talk. Paula is very welcoming. She encourages conversations and questions. It was a very informative session. It's about time these things were talked about. I would recommend Paula's work.

- Sadhbh, PACT Case Manager, Focus Ireland 

If I had this information in my teens my life would have been so different. This should be taught in schools. 

-  Focus Ireland workshop attendee