Yoga & Meditation

Self-care, stress management and nervous system regulation are some of the most important skills that you can have to take better care of yourself, especially, in relation you your cycle. Taking time and space to care for yourself and spend time in stillness is nourishing for your mind, body and soul. 

My approach to teaching yoga is a functional approach. I understand that all bodies are different and I offer variations of yoga shapes so that the practice is more accessible. 

About Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga offers you the chance to be still, be present and turn inwards while you breathe and stretch deeply, creating more space in mind and body.

Yin is a slow, mindful type of yoga that targets the deep connective tissues in the body. It can also stimulate different acupressure points from Traditional Chinese Medicine.

In Yin Yoga, you hold shapes for about two to five minutes to work into your connective tissues, coming to stillness, supporting yourself with props. Some discomfort can be experienced as your body initially adapt to the shapes. Often when you experience discomfort, your body naturally tense and activate the fight-or-flight response. Yin Yoga teaches you to to relax and release that stress when you experience discomfort. It can soothe your nervous system.

The more you practice Yin Yoga, the more you will embrace slowing down and reconnecting to yourself. As Bernie Clark said, “Completeness, wholeness often requires a rebalancing and a returning to the center where I can see my energies and care for my soul".

Chair Yoga 

Chair yoga offers the same benefits as regular yoga but with the support of the chair rather than lying on the floor. It is a gentle, accessible practice that you can do, even at your desk. 

You tune into your breath and come back to your body while feeling the benefits of the stretch. 

Benefits can  include:


Meditation is a portable practice that you can access any time you need it.  You don't need a formal practice or lots of time, you just need to start. You can gain the benefits of meditation even during short mindful breathing exercises. 

I offer group and private classes in mindful practice and guided visualisation meditations. 

I really enjoy tuning into the seasonal energy, the moon and the Celtic Wheel of the year to find inspiration for my offerings.


Her classes are designed to match the energies of the natural world. I have attended meditations with Paula that have celebrated new beginnings in Spring and yoga that gently reflected Winter winding up a year... the yoga was like meditation as we moved and Paula held that beautifully- yoga that was good for mind and body! If you need to make those connections with yourself, your natural rhythms, Paula is a lovely guide. If you just need to chill....she's good for that too! Despite the distance that Zoom creates, Paula manages to make the session feel very personal. 

- Miriam Yin Yoga 

Paula offers such a nourishing Yin Yoga practice. I loved how she kept bringing me back to awareness in my body with gentle encouragement to surrender to long slow stretches. Exactly what I needed after a day's intense work. Her presence is grounding and full of kindness. I highly recommend working with Paula to revive your self-care.

 - Jennifer Yin Yoga 

Yin yoga takes you comfortably to a place of calm. Paula is the expert who guides you so gently through this practice. Your body, energy and mind will be grateful for it. By far my favourite of all yoga practice.

 - Julie-Anne Yin Yoga 

She clearly explains what to do with each position...The guided meditations at the end are so relaxing and enjoyable! My only problem with the classes are that they are coming to an end. 

- Jillian Chair Yoga and Meditation