Mindful Menstrual Practice... pain turned to passion 

When I began to track my cycle using a menstrual cycle journal instead of an app, I noticed specific patterns throughout the month. I got curious about these patterns because I wanted to manage my endometriosis (a menstrual related condition) effectively, without horomonal contraception. I was tired of the pain and discomfort dictating my life to me. So, I decided to train as a professional menstrual cycle facilitator because I wanted to learn about my own menstrual cycle

During my training, I gained a deeper knowledge and awareness of myself, my emotions and my energy throughout the month. I began to manage my endometriosis more effectively by living in sync with the ebb and flow of my cycle. I enjoy my monthly cycle now and the dread of my period is gone!

This journey stirred a passion in me to provide access to accurate information about periods and foster an understanding of the menstrual cycle. I want to equip people with the skills and knowledge required to understand their own bodies and have the language to speak up for themselves. I want people who don’t menstruate to understand the monthly cycle so they can support their friends, family, colleagues. Menstrual literacy is not just for people with periods, it’s for everyone. With the support of Social Entrepreneurs Ireland, I have created The Mindful Cycle for schools and The Mindful Cycle approach to learning about the menstrual cycle for individuals, groups and workplaces

Who do I work with? 

I work with women and girls who want to learn more about periods and menstrual cycles to get to know themselves better

I believe that period pain and PMS are rooted in the resistance to cyclical living, the lack of understanding about how to live in sync with the monthly rhythm of the menstrual cycle and the stress response that this activates in your nervous system. Society has conditioned females to ignore their internal guidance system. Your period is your fifth vital sign - it can tell you so much about your overall health and wellbeing. Many women and girls I have spoken with are unsure of how their monthly cycle works and wish that they knew more. Period poverty includes lack of access to education. 

If you've answered yes to any of these questions then The Mindful Cycle is for you. Trying to be the exact same every month is detrimental to your self-care and wellbeing because you are a cyclical being. There is an ebb an flow to the monthly menstrual cycle, a unique infradian rhythm. Trying to maintain the same routine day in and day out is ultimately going to cause you stress, maybe overwhelm and even burnout. Imagine the different it would make if you could live in sync with your cycle? You can cultivate a deeper relationship with yourself and come to know yourself on a more intimate level cycle by cycle. 

Benefits of working with me 

1:1 coaching 

As a period coach I can enable you to disocver what you need to better support yourself and your monthly menstrual cycle. 

1:1 period coaching takes place online.  Menstrual cycle coaching packages are a 3 month commitment including 3, monthly one hour zoom calls, check in emails or a short support call once a month if required and goal setting. 

The reason it is a 3 month commitment is because it can take up to 3 months for any changes that are implemented to have an impact on your cycle. It is a process, development of a sustainable life skill, not a quick fix. 

Investment in your health and wellness: €429

I advise booking a discovery call to see if we are a good fit to work together.  


Register your interest for my upcoming back to school parent talks. A mindful, holistic approach to understanding your child's first period and menstrual cycles. 

I offer online and in person courses and workshops in The Mindful Cycle for groups. I cater for teenagers, adults and parents. Workshops and talks can be differentiated to meet the needs of the group. 

I also work with girls expecting to start their cycles, to celebrate and educate about menarche, their first period. 

If you have a group in mind that you would like me to work with then book a free discovery call to find out more. 


I am so glad that I participated in the mindful cycle coaching with Paula over the past few months. It has been a great way to learn about myself and my experience of my period and what it means for me. I have found it a really helpful space to reflect on my health and self care and I have made some really positive changes to my daily routine. I am more aware of reading my body's signals throughout my cycle and I am more able to meet my own needs. This has helped me reduce anxiety and feel better in general. Paula has such a lovely, fun, caring presence and has made the learning journey so personal to me. I can't recommend Paula's coaching enough, I am telling all the women in my life about it and the positive effect it has had on my health and happiness. 

- Niamh 1:1 Coaching Client 

I've always had painful periods and I had always thought that it was part of being a woman and that we just had to suck it up. But after attending your webinar I decided to get it checked out and it's fibroids. I never would have gotten it looked into if you hadn't said that level of pain isn't normal. So it just goes to show how important the work that you're doing is and not just for young girls. Women of all ages need to be educated on menstruation. So thanks so much Paula for all that you're doing. It is really important work that is empowering women about their health. 

-The Mindful Cycle webinar attendee

A very helpful talk so that the girls know what is happening during the month and how to listen to their bodies in the different stages of menstrual cycle. 

-FLO (Female liaison officer, Ladies sports team)

My first experience working with Paula was soothing, reassuring and very interesting. I loved learning about my body and how to work with my cycle. 

-Hannah 1:1 Coaching consultation at All  Together Now Festival 

Paula provided a relaxed, non-judgemental, safe space for me to learn how the pill has affected my cycle and how I can support myself to get it back on track 

-Victoria  1:1 Coaching consultation at All  Together Now Festival