Menstrual wellness at work 

Around 50% of Ireland’s population are female and will get periods. These people will menstruate from the age of 12-50 approximately. The other 50% of the population will indirectly experience the menstrual cycle through their relationships with friends, family, colleagues and peers. Periods affect all of us.  But there’s still embarrassment around the topic and a lack of access to information. Menstrual health in the workplace is important not just when it comes to perimenopause and menopause but before that. 

I can help you to create a more inclusive and supportive work environment by opening up the conversation about periods and the menstrual cycle. Menstruators and non - menstruators must be included in the conversation to end the stigma and shame that currently still exists around periods. Recent corporate clients include FORSA. 

Corporate Packages 

I have three offerings for your organisation. 

The first, is designed as an overview of the menstrual cycle, those who get periods and those who don't will benefit from this. The second, is designed for those who get periods, it is a more in depth holistic, menstrual wellness workshop. The third is a bespoke offering to support menstrual wellness for employees. 

Organisational level session The Mindful Cycle - an introduction to the menstrual cycle.

In this 60 minute lunch and learn session you will develop an awareness of the typical menstrual cycle, the phases, the hormonal, energetic and emotional fluctuations throughout the month and how to tune into your own, unique cycle if you have one. You will become aware of some common affects that the cycle can have on those who menstruate. You will also become aware of ways that you can support yourself and those with a menstrual cycle. 

Workshop for people with a menstrual cycle The Mindful Cycle - a sustainable approach to living in sync with your cycle.

In this 90 minute educational session you will develop an awareness of the menstrual cycle, the phases of the menstrual cycle, the hormonal, energetic and emotional fluctuations throughout the month, what a typical menstrual cycle is like, potential menstrual red flags and the effects the cycle can have on you. You will learn how to track your cycle and how to implement self-care for each phase of your cycle so you can live more sustainably. 

The bespoke offering is of a series of 4 workshops for supporting people with their menstrual wellness. The Mindful Cycle sessions can be online or in person for your workplace, please get in touch to discuss this option. 

Corporate package pricing may vary based on the number of participants, location and the package chosen so please contact me for more details.